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Global Product In Indian Market

Market Research

We live in a highly dynamic and multi-dimensional world and believe that the most effective business decisions come from the synthesis of market information and not from one-dimensional data sources. Corporate Insights and Market Research departments view this as a top challenge, but are not always able to triangulate the multiple streams of information because of time and budget constraints, or limited access to the right skills, whether internal or with current partners.

PARKITC focus is on helping corporations solve their business issues by integrating our resources with their teams in a way that saves them time. For each assignment, we map all relevant information sources and form insights based on a 360 view of the market (or consumer). By doing so, our clients are able to focus on inspiring their organizations to make the right business decisions to gain a competitive advantage.

B2B database management

Every successful marketing initiative starts with a high quality and accurate database. We can quickly update and streamline your database for optimum market penetration. Our Data Management solution helps B2B Marketers remediate their sales and marketing databases, provision the database with clean, pre-validated contact records with targeted pin-point accuracy and maintain the database’s integrity and accuracy. Customer and prospect data that is always sales and marketing ready results in greater marketing effectiveness and increased pipeline and sales revenues for your organization. PARKITC makes sure that the contacts listed on our client's database are the prospect firm's actual decision makers, allowing clients to focus their time on effective campaigns.

PARKITC offers database services that significantly increase the accuracy and value of your database marketing efforts. PARKITC’s sales and marketing representatives contact the companies in your database to confirm company information, qualify the decision-maker, and assist in database management by adding additional information like email addresses and other valuable information to your existing list. Our goal is to put everything in its place, and fill in all the blanks. No duplicates, just clean, complete, updated data that will speed up report generation and filtering.

B2B Appointment Setting

With our B2B Appointment Setting services, your sales team can focus on sales closures rather than cold calling and “opening doors”. With our appointment setting services, the aim is to get in touch with as many prospects as possible, provide them with a thorough and impactful brief about the product/ service offering and seek the appointment. PARKITC B2B appointment setting service helps our clients, get in touch with the decision makers and provides them with an opportunity to make a powerful pitch and understand customer needs.

Our goal is to provide the best business leads and sales opportunities for our clients so that they can focus on closing instead of finding leads. Our B2B appointment setting services offer you a less expensive solution to be on the same table with the decision makers, it’s an opportunity to know more about them make a pitch and help solve their problems.

Keeping a step ahead of other B2B appointment setting companies, we have been providing appointment setting services for businesses of all sizes ranging from small businesses to the large companies, covering a wide variety of industries. All in all, when you work with The Global Associates, you get quality assurance and enjoy a host of benefits.


We can be your significant support partner for enhancing your exhibition and trade meeting in India. India being the second fastest growing economy in the world has been limelight for many years; it has become the hub of all international trade meetings and exhibitions. Thus we provide complete support in the exhibition -customization and exhibition package. This service is proven to be substantial to any exhibitors to succeed in Indian market. Our experienced staff will make sure you achieve the best ROI (return on investment) out of the money you spend on exhibition and trade meeting. Though ROI is one of the ways to measure your success, we provide other benefits like branding the product or service and building the new relationship and partnerships with other businesses. Our marketing representatives employ an efficient outbound telemarketing strategy to make sure that your prospects get invited to your event, and can follow up on those prospects after the events as well.